The Portuguese Podengo Club of America

Welcome to the Portuguese Podengo Club of America

The Portuguese Podengo Club of America was incorporated in 2003 in Newport, Rhode Island, and is the first and largest organization of Podengo owners in the United States. PPCA is dedicated to preserving and protecting this ancient breed, whose origins date back thousands of years. The Podengo comes in three sizes - Pequeno (small), Medio (medium) and Grande (large) and two coat types - wire and smooth.

The Podengo is a fine companion, excels in the sports of hunting, lure coursing, flyball and agility, is a great service dog, and is happiest in an active home.

The Podengo is accepted in all international registries and is registered in the USA with UKC, AKC, FCPR, ARBA, and rare breed organizations. It participates in the Primitive Class in Europe and in the the Sighthound and Pariah Group in the UKC and in the Hound Group in the AKC.

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno wire coat puppies 4 months old; Video by Breeder Carol Houlihan.