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The Podengo Pequeno was well represented at Meet the Breeds in New York -- see Eulalia do Porto Novo - #4 on this page from the AKC Gazette!

Education is a hallmark of the Portuguese Podengo Club of America. Our purpose is to encourage quality in the breeding of purebred Portuguese Podengos and to promote the qualities of the breed to the members and general public through communications, publications, educational seminars, and other positive approaches. PPCA's National Education Program includes Meet the Breed events, publications, judge education seminars, and presentations on the Portuguese Podengo to diverse audiences in locales throughout the United States. The following is a summary of some of these educational approaches since the Club's inception in April 2003.


PPCA™ has had the #1 rated Portuguese Podengo Website in the world since the debut of as its site in 2003. This website has a wealth of information about the breed, including the Breed Standard, history, club information, private member's site, a breed directory, pedigree database, links to other resources, and many other educational features. PPCA has a multi-faceted, highly popular education program to introduce people to the breed.


Some of the many publications where the Podengo Pequeno and PPCA have been featured include:

  • Sight and Scent, March 2011 Feature articles on the Podengo Pequeno by PPPCA members Ginger Bowles and Carol Houlihan.
  • Dog World, September 2009 Feature article on the Podengo Pequeno. PPCA™ and Club President, Marilyn Piurek, cited in article.
  • Dog Fancy/March 2006: Lead article on the Portuguese Podengo developed in cooperation with the PPCA.
  • Dog World/February 2007: Lead article on the Portuguese Podengo developed in cooperation with the PPCA.
  • Dogs Today (UK): Lead article on the Portuguese Podengo developed by the Portuguese Kennel Club of Great Britain with participation of PPCA.
  • The Portuguese Podengo: Book by author Vitor Veiga. The English translation of this guide to the history of the Podengo was edited in part by PPCA and published in 2005.

PPCA™ Newsletter - Maticar

PPCA's quarterly newsletter, Maticar, is named after the singsong yelp that Portuguese Podengo Pequenos make to each other as they work to mark the location of the rabbit -- it is the sound that expresses the thrill of the hunt. The Maticar is posted on this website or sent by regular mail. PPCA's first edition was published in July 2004 with biannual (January/June) editions. Quarterly editions commenced in 2007.

Meet the Breed

PPCA does meet the breed events in various settings throughout the United States. PPCA had a popular booth at AKC Meet the Breeds in October 2010 at New York's Javits Center, just as popular as our 2009 booth. Our personable, charming little Podengos were a big hit! More than 36,000 people came to Meet the Breeds - the world's largest showcase of dogs and cats. The event showcased 160 AKC registered dog breeds and 41 CFA registered cat breeds in booths individually decorated to depict each breed's country of origin, historical purpose/function, and attributes as a family pet. The PPCA was invited to participate, we were given a well-positioned booth, filled it up with educational materials, a fascinating slide show and our clever little hounds -- the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno!

Family-friendly events are an opportunity for potential pet owners to interact with breeders and play with dogs while educating themselves about responsible pet ownership and choosing the right pet for their lifestyle. The best thing is the families and children and individuals seeking to educate themselves about dogs and identify the best breed for them - by asking responsible questions.

Thank you, PPCA members who contributed to making our part in our educational programs such a success. And thank you to our wonderful little Podengos who represent the breed so very well!


This is a sample of the kinds of seminars we have provided through the years:

  • Metropolitan Dog Club, New York City. November 2010. Power Point presentation and hands-on education by Bob Brawders and Kip Bergstrom.
  • PPCA National Specialty. Cincinnati, Ohio. July 2010. Judges seminar by Kirk Weber and Kip Bergstrom and ringside mentoring throughout the day.
  • Newtown Kennel Club, Newtown, CT. July 2006. PowerPoint presentation by PPCA™ President Marilyn Piurek and hands-on demonstrations. (Judge Helene Nietsch)
  • Hudson River Valley Hound Association, Kingston, NY. October 16, 2006. PowerPoint presentation by Kip Bergstrom and hands on with Medios and Pequenos. (President Steve Sipperly)
  • AKC Louisville Cluster, March 15, 2008. PowerPoint presentation by PPCA President Kip Bergstrom and CPC President Carla Molinari with hands-on demonstrations. Attended by AKC-certified judges only.
  • Kenilworth Kennel Club. Guilford, CT May 7, 2008 included AKC judges and KKC members (President Marge Calthorp).
  • Judges Education Seminar Framingham District Kennel Club in Fitchburg, MA November 7, 2009. Kip Bergstrom and Susan Rexford presented with a number of PPCA members on hand with their Pequenos for hands-on learning. Attended by AKC-certified judges.

Breed Seminars/Clinics at PPCA National Specialties

  • 2004: Judge Vitor Veiga (CPP President, FCI Judge)
  • 2005: Judge Luis Catalan (CPC Officer, FCI Judge)
  • 2006: Judge Luis Pinto Teixeira (CPC Vice President, FCI/AKC Judge)
  • 2007: Judge Vitor Veiga (CPP President, FCI Judge)
  • 2008: Judge Carla Molinari (CPC President, FCI/AKC Judge)
  • 2009: Judge Luis Gorjao Henriques (FCI Judge)
  • 2010: Judge Ellen Fetter (AKC Judge)

Educational Events

PPCA has participated in more than 250 AKC events, such as:

  • Showcase of AKC Breeds: At Connecticut Expo Center, Hartford. November 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009.
  • Podengo exhibits in AKC Hound Group at this highly popular regional event. PPCA's description of the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno was used during the Hound Group introduction, where our jaunty little Podengos were cheered on by an attentive audience.
  • AKC Canine Experience, Bay Shore, NY July 27, 2008. PCA was co-sponsor with the Pug Club of Greater NY, Brookhaven Kennel Club, Pekingese Club of NJ, Empire Miniature Pinscher Club, Siberian Husky Club of Greater NY, Union County Kennel Club, and Queensboro Kennel Club. Exhibition of Portuguese Podengos in Sanction "B" Match. Participation in this event fulfilled PPCA's requirement by AKC Public Education for a Sanctioned B Match.
  • Kenilworth Kennel Club Match, Guilford, CT May 25, 2008. PPPCA Podengo education table and hands-on demonstrations. Exhibition of Podengos in "B-OB" Match
  • Penobscot Valley Kennel Club, Bangor, Maine September 13, 2008: AKC "B" Match with education table and hands-on Pequeno demonstrations. Exhibition of Podengos in "B" Match
  • Framingham District Kennel Club, Fitchburg, MA, November 5, 2008. Educational materials available and exhibition of Portuguese Podengo Pequenos in Sanction "B" Match.
  • Badger Kennel Club's 20th Annual Wisconsin Dog Fair. November 9, 2008 in Madison Wisconsin.
  • AKC Sponsored Responsible Dog Ownership Day hosted by Kenilworth Kennel Club of CT on September 12, 2009 at the historic Guilford Green. Podengo Pequenos were very popular and smooth coat Porto Novo's Gustava GObama won the Best Tail Wagger Contest! Many families came and their children took the Podengos for walks about the Green as we discussed the breed.
  • AKC Meet the Breeds October 17-18, 2009 in New York City at the Javits Center. PPCA hosted a well-attended educational booth. This Responsible Pet Ownership weekend drew more than 36,000 people and PPCA handed out thousands of pieces of literature. PPPCA's booth had popular slide show as well as some very popular little Podengos!
  • The Lone Star State Classic hosted by the Greater Collin Kennel Club December 3-6 invited the PPCA to a Meet the Breeds at Dallas Market Hall, 2200 Stemmons Fwy (I-35) in Dallas, TX.
  • Responsible Pet Owners Day September 11, 2010 Guilford Green, Guilford, CT Sponsored by the Kenilworth Kennel Club of Connecticut Meet the Breed Sunday October 17, 2010 Javits Center, New York, NY Sponsored by the American Kennel Club
  • Connecticut Pet Expo October 23, 2010
    Meet the Breeds
  • Hartford Convention Center
  • Sponsored by PetCo Foundation,
  • So. Windsor KC and Local KCs

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