The Portuguese Podengo Club of America

PPCA Code of Ethics

Portuguese Podengo Club of America (PPCA™) Code of Ethics

The members of the Portuguese Podengo Club of America (PPCA) share a deep concern for the welfare and future of the Portuguese Podengo. The PPCA Code of Ethics has been developed in accordance with the purpose of the Club and the PPCA Constitution to encourage and promote quality in the breeding of purebred Portuguese Podengos. The PPCA Code of Ethics is designed to promote sound ownership and breeding practices that preserve the health of the Portuguese Podengo and adhere to the Breed Standard of Excellence. In accordance with the PPCA by-laws, prospective members are asked to sign the PPCA Code of Ethics as part of the membership application.

I will abide by the By-Laws and Constitution of the PPCA.

Personal and Peer Conduct
I will display good sportsmanship and conduct, treating fellow club members, exhibitors, judges and spectators with respect and courtesy, whether at home, traveling or at shows
I accept responsibility for the behavior of my Podengo(s) at all times, including keeping them under control and cleaning up after them, especially at shows, hotels and other public places.

General Podengo Husbandry
In matters relating to the sport of purebred dogs, I will put the welfare of my dog(s) above all else.
Each dog I own or co-own will be, to the best of my knowledge and ability, provided with proper living quarters, nutrition, exercise, socialization and health care.

Podengo Breeding
If I breed a litter, I will be prepared to maintain the puppies myself or arrange safe accommodations for them until suitable homes are found for each one.
My puppies will be at least 8 weeks old before being transferred to their new owner.
I will not breed a bitch before 2 years of age or after 8 years of age, without her veterinarian's approval. I will not use a stud prior to 1 year of age or after 10 years of age, without his veterinarian's approval.
I will breed only those Podengos with three-generation pedigrees.
My breeding stock will conform as closely as possible to the written Standard of Excellence, be sound in mind and body and free from any known hereditary defects.
All of my breeding stock will be certified by CERF (eyes) and OFA (hips) and patellas (by veterinary examination) at or after two years of age. Any stud dog used prior to two years will have hips and patellas certified prior to use.
I will have each of my Podengos micro-chipped for permanent identification.
All of my breeding stock will have their DNA registered at UKC or AKC prior to breeding.
I will not breed Podengo Pequenos with Podengo Medios or Grandes.
I will not breed Portuguese Podengos with other breeds.
I will report all hereditary health problems to the PPCA's health database coordinator.

Transfer of Ownership /Paperwork
When transferring ownership of a Podengo, I will provide a valid recording certificate, unless I am deliberately withholding it pending an action, such as spaying/neutering, required of the new owner in a contract. I will also provide a three-generation pedigree with varieties noted and a written sales agreement and any other information such as medical records and puppy care information.
I will not sell or donate a Podengo or any Podengo genetic material to any intermediate group, shop, auction or broker, nor will I broker or assist in brokering Podengos.
When transferring ownership of a Podengo, I will ensure that the dog is up to date on necessary vaccinations and is transferred with written records indicating this. A current health certificate will be provided to any new owner who requests it.
When transferring ownership of a Podengo, I will actively encourage the new owner to become a member of the PPCA.
When transferring ownership of a Podengo with hereditary defects or disqualifying faults, I will make full disclosure of the condition to the buyer.
When transferring ownership of a Podengo, I will screen prospective homes carefully, using questionnaires, discussion and/or home visits to help determine if the dog and the home are a good match. I will educate prospective owners about the temperament and likely traits of the dog, and the investment of time, money and energy that will be required to properly house, train and maintain a Podengo. I will remain available to the new owner for ongoing support.