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Fixing the Breed History

2/7/2016 | Kip Bergstrom

The history section of the UKC Breed Standard for the Portuguese Podengo (which they erroneously call by its Spanish name, Podengo Portugueso, rather than by its Portuguese name, Podengo Portugues) is riddled with mystifying inaccuracies and irrelevancies about the Phoenicians, as shown in the infographic below. An alternative history is presented in the "New Breed History" blog entry, taken from the PPCA’s longer Breed Hiistory of the Portuguese Podengo. Under UKC rules, any proposed change to a Breed Standard, even including changes to the history section, must be vetted with club members before being submitted to UKC. These two blog entries are part of our vetting process. Please email any comments you may have to PPCA Secretary Kip Bergstrom:

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