The Portuguese Podengo Club of America

Podengos Everywhere!

Podengos Everywhere! zaragatabest.jpg6.jpg

Podengo Pequenos owned by PPPCA members are multi-talented! They perform in rally, obedience and agility, hunt rabbits, lure course, show in conformation, serve as therapy dogs working in educational and health care settings, and grace the covers of canine catalogs, like little Zaragata shown here. They are also wonderful companions!

The Podengo Pequeno is growing so fast in popularity that it is difficult to keep up with all the press. Many articles have been published in local newspapers across the US and abroad about this endearing little dog and more are appearing in national magazines and online communications every day.

Podengos & Borealis Press

Podengos & Borealis Press borealispressppca.jpg
Borealis Press creates a new line of children's cards, named HeyMaliMali cards! after the owner's Portuguese Podengo Pequeno. You can't get any greener than a HeyMaliMali card.

Podengos and Haute Couture

Podengos and Haute Couture img_8402jodyw_sophie-u8431.jpg
Little Plushcourt Sophie meets Hollywood and TV stars as she exhibits her stunning couture clothing in New York and California.

Advertising Covergirl!

Advertising Covergirl! adzaraad.jpg
Little Zaragata de Viamonte is a great little cover girl and does lots of modeling. She is a VERY popular Podengo Pequeno!

AKC Gazette  akcgazettemtbsmallest.jpg

AKC Gazette

Check out photo #4 from a page in the AKC Gazette magazine -- that is little Lali (Eulalia do Porto Novo) and her owner Bob Brawders at the oh-so-popular Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Booth at AKC Meet the Breeds in New York on October 17-18, 2010. More than 36,000 folks came to the event and at times it seemed most were at our booth!

Meet the Breeds - More! meetthebreedsphoto.jpg

Meet the Breeds - More!

Middle photo on right: L-R Past PPPCA President Kip Bergstrom with little smooth coat Porto Novo's Gustava GObama, PPPCA Presiden Bob Brawders and Eulalia do Porto Novo, and founder Marilyn Piurek with Bucky!

Dog World September 2009 dwpodengoarticle.jpg

Dog World September 2009

Ginja Love

Ginja Love adnewginjaad1.jpg

Podengo Pequeno is the muse for this very popular 2008 poster!

Portugal Podengo Specialty

Portugal Podengo Specialty adcartazmono04promo.jpg
That's our little American Podengo Pequeno featured front and center!

Sight & Scent

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