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Podengo Sizes

The three Podengo sizes are: Podengo Pequeno, Podengo Medio, and Podengo Grande. Each size comes in two coat types: smooth coat and wire coat. In Europe, the three sizes are considered varieties of one breed. In 2008, the AKC designated the Podengo Pequeno a separate breed from the Medio and Grande primarily to prevent its interbreeding with the other two sizes, due to AKC's concept of what constitutes a breed. The small Podengo, called Portuguese Podengo Pequeno, is considered a separate breed in the AKC and is in its Hound group. The PPCA, the Portuguese, the United Kennel Club and all of the FCI countries (Europe and South America) consider the 3 sizes all one Breed.

The PPCA uses the Portuguese rather than English names for the sizes to emphasize the "Portuguese-ness" of the breed. We feel strongly that the Podengo should not be Americanized.

These Portuguese words are pronounced differently than might be obvious to an English (or Spanish) language speaker. Here is a pronuciation guide, in case you wish to pronounce the sizes in the correct Portuguese way:

  • Pequeno Pronounced pe-KEN-ooo (short "e")
  • Medio Pronounced ME-dee-you (short "e")
  • Grande Pronounced Grond (rolled r)

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