The Portuguese Podengo Club of America

Porto Novo Podengos

Breeder: Marilyn Piurek in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Porto Novo Podengos, LLC. Contact via and and 401-258-1804


About Us - Lots of Firsts! In 2001, we brought the first purebred wire coat Portuguese Podengo Pequeno to the United States and campaigned him to become America's first Podengo champion as well as the first Canadian champion and first American Podengo to be shown in Portugal. Porto Novo Podengos, LLC was established, and we soon had the first American-bred champion, sired by our first Podengo! We own the first wire coat Podengo Pequeno to ever win a Best in Show in the United States (Sericaia do Vale Negro in 2006) and the first smooth coat Podengo Pequeno to ever win a Best in Show in the US (Hestia de Vedras/aka Izzy in 2010).

Our Puppies We breed and show both wire and smooth coat Podengo Pequenos -- each different, and each equally captivating! We created the first Podengo Pequeno Breeder Network in America - together, we breed for good health, good temperament, and good structure. We respect the Podengo Pequeno as expressed in its Breed Standard, its functionality, and its place in Portugal's history and culture. And we have some of the sweetest, best looking, smartest and most social little Podengos in America!